Youth Revolution Centre, the objectives of this platform is to enlighten, expose the public to full realization, practical, factual, educational oriented/based wit exposure, constructed, imputed, extracted importance of the happens around Nigeria and the world, YRC seeks to ensure youth have access to information and opportunities that can help them make positive changes within their communities. This platform is value-based enlightenment, chastised and exposed all the parasites and monsters in the cardinal territory of Nigeria, and the Africa. We firmly believe on “Practice Built on International Standards” where the youths have access to information and resources required for personal development



Youth make up an essential part of our local and global community – they are ready, willing and able to make positive change in the world.


Recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and country constitution as the basis of actions and devices

Promote peace, goodwill and solidarity among youth and nations in order to foster greater

provide information that will assist all youth to focus their strength and attention on needs and responsibilities as citizen of the democratic societies.


“To provide Solutions to youths needs with an absolute commitment to excellence”



His “my is not needless mythologizing, I am not given to silly exaggeration, superstitions, fanaticism, skepticism but to real fact wit real compilation of fact with mesmerism of reality. It is only critical, expedient and needful I frame a strategy to catapult our Africa nation to the limelight of the modernized world where the truth is given raw to all without fear of oppression, suppression or intimidation.

He is a practicing Lawyer, advocate and leadership Consultant he has been very visible in the area of public policy advocacy, values bringing his  professional intelligence to bear in helping government on the best ways to address several developmental challenges confronting it through seminars, conference, humanitarian services, and indoctrination into the global world of peace and tranquility.