491 x 218 - youthrevolutionaryparty.wordpress.comYEDI- according to Mrs Tomisin Adeoye, the Programme Director, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative, YEDI said that the organisation will design a extra-curriculum activities and health curriculum to engage and mentoring 4,000 youths living in rural communities in Nigeria.

Adeoye disclosed that the YEDI programme initiative, theme Skillz Holiday Camps, was co-sponsored by ExxonMobil and the M.A.C AIDS Fund.

That youths between the ages of 10 and 19, living in remote communities in Akwa Ibom State, Lagos State and Ogun state,  will be camped in a serene and safe place to creatively engage in extra-curriculum activities like play football and learn healthy habits and wellness, life skills and the prevention of malaria and HIV and many more.

Adeoye said, “This is a period where youths are most vulnerable; because they have a lot of idle time and are exposed to negative peer pressure that increases their likelihood of engaging in risky activities. Our approach, therefore, is the introduction of a grassroot soccer curriculum which combines football drills, games and other physical activities, with health education curriculum delivery, vital discussions and biomedical interventions, like HIV testing in a safe, fun and interactive environment.”

“Some of the activities include registration, orientation, physical exercise, breakfast, lunch, bed-net demonstration, talent hunt and exhibition, quiz; and several other activities.”

Adeoye noted that the engagement camps for the activities will run for eight hours per day over five days with a series of activities.

The programmed would be facilitated by experienced and well trained volunteers who would serve as coaches and create a lasting positive impact on the participants.