Boska free medical outreach to traders in Kano

Boska-medical-treatment-364x237The Pain Free Day outreach distribution of free eye glasses as well as prescriptions of drugs to treat eye, ear and nose defects.

The outreach was extended to residents traders in Wappa market in Kano from the ongoing nationwide free medical services organized by Dexa Medica makers of Boska, under its Pain Free Day initiative programme.

Besides rendering free health services, Boska team also leveraged the opportunity to educate consumers on how to live stress-free while at their various duties.

Traders at the Wappa market in Kano came out in hundreds at the weekend benefitted from the ongoing nationwide free medical services.

The Brand Executive Dexa Medica, Mr. Joseph Christopher, said findings have shown that 70 percent of people often catch flu during rainy season which also results in body breakdowns.

“This Pain Free Day edition is specially designed to keep consumers fit over the rainy season. I am confident that Dexa Medica will continue to improve the delivery of quality health care for consumers in the months ahead.”

The programme initiative was designed to offer free medical consultations and also used to educate the beneficiaries on simple health tips for them to stay healthy.


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