Entrepreneurs are invited by the giant Ericsson to take part in the organization opportunity offer to start-up business.

A statement discloses that Ericsson is offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to be considered for a venture capital investment and technology incubation through its garage global network.

Ericsson-189x169Ericsson Garage is an in-house incubator that explores opportunities to develop tangible prototypes in new areas together with partners.

A statement from Ericsson said “Now, Ericsson Garage is collaborating with Capital A Partners (CAP A), and their Nordic partner seed fund, Butterfly Ventures, to launch the Startup Challenge 2017.

“The competition is a chance for entrepreneurs to win technology incubation with the global network of Ericsson Garages, unlimited access to a smart city test bed and an express pass to a final decision investment meeting.”

“Applications will be accepted from July 24 until August 23 and finalists will face a ‘Dragon’s Den’ of Tanya Marvin Horowitz, Co-founder and Managing Partner, CAP A Partner, Butterfly Ventures; and Börje Ekholm, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ericsson and Ville Heikkenin, Partner, Butterfly Ventures.”