Flood-Lagos-Jakande-1008x628Recommendation: The present administration has resolved to find lasting solutions to the issue of flooding across the states in the country.

All the drainages, canal, drains in the state should be properly re-emptied, as part of the short-term measures to stem flooding in the area.

Government should immediately remove structures that are blocking drainages, canal and consequently impede free flow of rainwater and to ensure that canals were constantly dredged and desilted across the state.

Government must embarks on massive clearing of drainages and canals before, during and after rainy season, stressing that it would take time before drainages are properly cleared.

Flood-Lagos-858x674Government must sensitize the general public to inform the people on the need for them to prevent flooding in the state.

The federal government should collaborate with state government and local government to be more stringent in the campaign against dumping of refuse in canals and drains, just as it is ready to scale up the application of physical planning laws against the erection of building on canals, drainage channels and water courses.

Government must encourage resident to embark on environmental sanitations and tree planting to reduce climate change in the state.

Government should carry out total reassessment of the drainage paths and the development of new canals and channel designs.

Government and community resident leaders should encourage sustainable maintenance policy of existing drainage channels and new systems, as well as a desilting and concrete surfacing of existing canals.

Flood-Lagos-412x650Government must frown against indiscriminate dumping of refuse perpetrated by some residents in the state.

Government should also build a retention pond to assist in containing flooding in the state. Construction of the retention pond to serve as a reservoir for storm water at the peak of the rainy season, for onward release into the nearby River after the rains must have subsided.

In conclusion, the best government could do is to assess the damage caused by the floods with a view to assisting the victims and probably coming up with legislation to reduce damage in future.