Flood-Lagos-718x748Flood is the most devastating natural disaster experienced in Lagos.

The principal cause of the floods in Lagos was non-adherence to the physical development plans that had been prepared for various parts of the state.

The rainfall still flooded, as the rainwater found little space in the blocked drains to seep through.

Residents who were in the habit of dumping refuse indiscriminately especially in drainage channels to stop forthwith, as it could also lead to loss of lives and destruction of property

Flood was caused by the blockage of the major canal in the neighbourhood and its overflow. People built houses and fence on drainage canal.

Traders and some of us living in this area have tried to open up the drainage systems but the water has been stagnant.

Poor maintained of drainage and canal system and some residents dumped refuse in the drains. People dump refuse of all sorts, empty containers, takeaway plates and papers in the drainage system.

The state government should not relent in its efforts to stem flooding in the state.

The public must change their disposal habits and refrain from turning canals and drains into refuse dumpsites. Such behavioural change, was necessary because sudden rain, like this week’s, could cause flooding.

The main cause was the above average & long period of heavy rain which caused all 3 rivers to have their peak flow at the same time.

Global warming is blamed for sea level rise, increased snow melt & increased rainfall in the region.

Also increasing population pressure in Lagos itself has resulted in the sinking of many new wells resulting in the lowering of the water table and the subsequent subsidence of land making it even more prone to flooding