Kechi Okwuchi

Sometimes in 2005 an unpredictable event shock Nigeria when an airline a Sosoliso Airline crashed, many people died and Kechi Okwuchi, who is one of only two survivors has undergone more than 100 surgeries on her road to recovery and live.

Kechi Okwuchi has been named Role Model of the Year by organisers of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative, an annual event to celebrate Nigerians, who have shown exemplary character in their chosen careers.

Her determination, doggedness and perseverance has won the heart of many across the Africa continent and in the America, Kechi Okwuchi, a 28year old from Imo State, Nigeria who has won millions of fans all over the world for her exciting display at the 2017 America’s Got Talent show, has equally attracted praises for her academic exploits in the United States, finishing with a First Class degree from the University of Thomas Houston, Texas.

According to co-Founder of KMAI, Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo, Okwuchi was chosen as recipient of the award because of her amazing singing talents and unwavering determination to make a difference against all odds.

She said, “The essence of the KMA Awards, which comes up on July 1, is to recognise and celebrate Nigerians from all walks of life that are impacting their immediate environment and beyond through various means.

“The choice of Kechi Okwuchi as recipient of the Role Model of the Year this time was so simple considering how much she has inspired millions around the world through her wonderful performance at the 2017 America’s Got Talent show.

“She is not only talented in music; Kechi is also a star in her academics. On her way to clinching a first class, she broke several academic records in the United States where she currently resides. These are after her miraculous escape from death during the Sosoliso Airline crash in 2005 that killed about 107 people.

“So, for us, the young woman is a role model worth celebrating and emulating.”