There is no gainsaying the fact that the glory of youths is in their strength.

Youths must be forthright, astute, and diligent, respect authority and persevere when confronted with circumstantial, economic, social and career challenges.

If youth don’t persevere you can’t stay afloat in life, career and in service for this long because events will unfold that will annoy you and you may choose to resign from your career. But the secret is to persevere and look at the brighter side of the big picture where the light reflect. If you continue to be diligent, you will become adept at what you do and more opportunities will come your way.

Youths must be ready to learn and engage in a creative venture and seek knowledge. Youths cannot afford to be idle and lazy. You must make hays while the sun shines; make sure you respect your parents and elders. Show respect to your superior and you get respect in return because it is a seed that will germinate and be reaped. Youth must be hardworking and prudent

When you are hardworking and committed to good service and at the end you must had left an indelible mark in the society.

Youths must learn to emulate the best qualities of outstanding good leaders in the society with scholarship, diligence and thirst for excellence drive and quality.

Youths must desire and work hard to be the best in their chosen career and life endeavor and service to humanity.

Youths must learn perseverance, there is light at the end of the tunnel.