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Video shows thousands of Biafra supporters gather in front of their leader Nnamdi Kanu’s father’s palace shouting “give us Biafra.” What do you think? Type your comments below.

Washington2 hours ago

The people has spoken whom there leader is even Osibanjo could not attract this kind of crowd willingly without paying them.

Everything is in place for imminent restorationof sovereign state of Biafra.

It is too late for Osibanjo and Nigeria political elites because the masses has taken their destiny into their own and subsequently there will be no more election in Biafra land until Osibanjo releases date for referendum.

I pity poor terrorist infected north for daring people who are determined to have their own country and everything about them is peaceful.

Rest in peace Nigeria and Osibanjo Nnamdi Kanu is more than a leader of thought as you can see.

It is over for Nigeria indeed.Nnamdi Kanu controls the entire eastern region with just a mere spoken word and everythinbg fall in place and anybody against him is just been envy of the guy I must confess the guy pass me and any black baboon ever lived in Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu is a God sent.You cannot sell any paper in Nigeria without a headline with Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

This is a fact.Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafra are more popular in the world than the entire Nigeria government and its inhabitants.

All thanks to Chukwu Okike Abiama the living God


Danobi Washington2 hours ago

I have never been to IPOB gathering before, I see the Kanu man only in the media, but wow, methinks he is too much.

Oluola Washingtonan hour ago

Biafra, I salute. May all Hail the land of the rising Sun.

TERRY4BRANDY THE GREAT Washingtonan hour ago

Ojukwu attracted more crowd than this in 1967 before he vamoosed to Ivory Coast in 1970, where he became the Ikemba of Abidjan.

I wan die with laff.


ALL HAIL NNAMDI KANU, the Lion of all the Tribes of Biafra!
…We Pledge to BIAFRA our truly beloved Country:



All hail Biafra
Land of the rising sun, we love and cherish
We have vanquished our enemies, all hail Biafra
God Bless Biafra, in Him we trust
Shout it sing it, all hail Biafra


God bless Biafra
We have emerged triumphant, from all our foes
Through the crucible unscathed, we passed victorious
Our trumpets pealing, the glorious song
Play it, sing it, all hail Biafra


Oh hail Biafra
We shall always remember, all that perished,
In the struggle for our freedom, all hail our heroes
Our prayers shall bemoan, both day and night
Say them always, all hail Biafra


All Hail Biafra
Now our star shines everywhere, we crave humility
God guide and protect us all, all hail Your Wisdom
Shielding us from fury, unleashed by our enlightenment
Biafra, Biafra, shinning forever.

[…Biafra reloading 98%]

True Nigerian TERRY4BRANDY THE GREATan hour ago

Ikemeba of Abidjan, that’s legendary. LoL

4T2 True Nigerianan hour ago

Or our own Port Harcourt…

We forever Pledge to BIAFRA, our truly beloved country!


[…Biafra reloading]


Daddy peace Washington2 hours ago

Lol.. keep displaying your secession madness while thinking that a cataclysmic change will take place and return successful Igbo men to your miserable level in the village. I stand for restructuring and Delta stands for same

Washington Daddy peace2 hours ago

Certified Moron filled with envy and jealousy.Die in your frustration .we can,t help you

Daddy peace Washington2 hours ago

You are a fool and will only end up as a landlocked country because Delta, Rivers and Cross river ain’t going with you. Stay online and rant while thinking that biafra will turn your miserable life around without hardwork. Certified pauper

406 Daddy peace2 hours ago

Landlocked Swiss is 10 bn times better than the Zoo

4T2 Daddy peacean hour ago

Referendum please.
Let the Peoples’ Referendum decide.

Biafran Referendum please!
Nigeria is finished.

If Edo and co choose to stay with Fulani herdsmen, good for them but let the REFERENDUM decide who goes with BIAFRA and who stays with the herdsmen.

[…Biafra reloading: 98%]

simplelike chuck 4T2an hour ago

Yes referendum. I love that. But rather than channel energy into that direction, they are busy gallivanting with rallies. AND, if Igbos are waiting for the FGN to call for that referendum, they might as well wait for another 50 years. The best thing is to by pass Nigeria to the UN to submit your petitions or make the first move by returning from the land of your enemies as they’ve openly given you quit notice. Now all I hear is property -propershit if you ask me.

Take the bold step and Exodus. Let the country feel the pain and miss you. Take advantage of the open door created by the quit notice or you are a COWARD!

Okoko simplelike chuckan hour ago

You call it gallivanting. The same way you abused them when they started the protest that brought us where we are today. By the time Biafra will be leaving your likes will still call it hallucination by igbos.

simplelike chuck Daddy peace2 hours ago


Washington Daddy peace2 hours ago

Pathetic moron FYI 16 countries in Africa are landlocked countries and many more countries around the world are landlocked.Wher is your brain

simplelike chuck Washington2 hours ago

Envy who? Biafra? A land locked nation? You must be deluded! Una don finish. If you ever think, ND is with you, you lied. I dare you.

Washington simplelike chuck2 hours ago

You are confused.If you think the hausa/fulani will divide them with artificial state boundary then you are a joker.we must go back to pre independence of Nigeria boundaries.

simplelike chuck Washingtonan hour ago

Not pre independence…! We in Niger Delta say, we must go back to the pre colonial visit boundaries . Long before independence struggle.

Sting2000 Daddy peacean hour ago

You stand for restructuring…What is the name of your organisation? Or are you fighting it in your heart? Are you a witch?

logmein2nite Daddy peacean hour ago

Get away envious fool. You can’t deny the groundswell of support Nnamdi Kanu enjoys among his people and the determination of Igbos to their right to a sovereign nation of their own. You have only one voice and one vote. Exercise it to your discretion and stop to arrogant foolishness of speaking for others let alone a whole Delta State of 3.5million people. I don’t want restructuring – its only another waste of another 50 years of experimenting. You can never mix oil and water, or modern democratic liberalism with Islamic fundamentalism. Look at the social dysfunctions in Europe since the Syrian refugees poured in there. Imagine what it will be when Europe is divided 50% muslims and Christians. There is nothing wrong in going our separate ways in Nigeria and then form wonderful bilateral relationships amongst ourselves as independent countries or even set up common market, and still reap the economic benefits of such a market under ECOWAS. On Biafra I stand. Speak for yourself please.

simplelike chuck Washington2 hours ago

You said you wanted Biafra long ago and it’s been given you. Why not grab it now? If Nigeria refuses, go to the UN so that Nigeria will be forced to organise your referendum or better still secede with going that far by returning from the north back home. You claimed to have properties in the north, good for you. But my questions to you, how many northerners do you know that have properties in your home? Did anyone forced to invest in that part of the country? Why do you like going to other people’s land to claim development when you home towns are covered with palm trees?

Till date, the so called Biafra and her agitators don’t even know those who are with them and where their boundaries starts and ends! The noise is too much! Pack and go oooo oooo ooo! A typical Igbo man mentality. They say hello to a lady , she smiles and the idiot goes shouting “atuolam Nwa ime, atuolam ya ime!” Premature ejaculation!

Washington simplelike chuck2 hours ago

JIDEOFFOR Washingtonan hour ago

Ignore the bastard.

simplelike chuck JIDEOFFORan hour ago

The last time I checked, it’s only in your tribe that women marry women and allow them to go fetch pregnancy and deliver bastards for them -of which you are one. Only in your tribe that baby factories are flourishing – your father may be a product! Only in your tribe that some a branded -OSU. You grandfather sure is.

simplelike chuck Washington2 hours ago

Oji gi na amu!

FreeNigeria Washington2 hours ago

has there been a referendum by all Igbo or majority of Igbo sharing the vision of Kanu or IPOB?

FoolishBuhari3 hours ago

This is powerful, indeed ALL WE ARE SAYING, GIVE US BIAFRA!’

God bless Biafra! God bless the land of the rising Sun!!

JIDEOFFOR FoolishBuhari2 hours ago

This is it bro. It is either Biafra or death!

All hail Biafra!
All hail Nnamdi Kanu!

Those who truly represent our people and future have spoken. THANK YOU!
I dare all these Thieves who call themselves Igbo leaders to assemble 500 People let us see!


JIDEOFFOR 4062 hours ago

Osibanjo the yorumoron should take note: Nnamdi Kanu is ‘the’ Igbo leader.

All hail Biafra!
All hail Nnamdi Kanu!

simplelike chuck 4062 hours ago

So, of the millions of Igbos, only a handful of thousands are the people who represents you? You must be a miscreant! Keep deceiving yourselves. Better park out of the north now, the South can tolerate your ignorance, but the north won’t! Park of the north and come back home – south, then we’ll know how serious you are! The keys of the prison holding you have been given to you. Open and escape. Stop your yeye threatening rally!

406 simplelike chuck2 hours ago

Fool, 40 Million Igbo obeyed our recent stay-at-home action willingly. Remove your Military and Police from Biafra now.

simplelike chuck 4062 hours ago

Your delusion is over size! 40 million. Let me tell you, over 80% who joined that nonsense did under durex so they won’t be termed saboteurs! Besides, only in 3 states. Why not gather your 40m signatures to the UN than rally around juncating when there’s nothing to show – premature ejaculation!

Okojie Ne Ewatto2 hours ago

👄Ojukwu ia alive!!!

Kanu is a leader. 👄

Faruk Al-amin2 hours ago

And they still refused to leave the north to go build biafra, just what kind of confused species are these people😧

Factsay Faruk Al-amin2 hours ago

Have Buhari left UK yet?

JIDEOFFOR Factsay2 hours ago


406 Faruk Al-amin2 hours ago

Zoo Ape, our leader has spoken. Listen to him! Stop fooling yourself
in the talk show with OHANEZE THIEVES, Thief Igbo Govonors, other
Polithieftians, Ogboni Traditional rulers and other Zoo agents.

Washington Faruk Al-amin2 hours ago

Continue issuing quit notice while they are getting ready for restoration of their country.Let the north continue in your stupidity and envy.Biafra is a moving train not even the north can stop it.

Danobi2 hours ago

Lol. Meanwhile, VP Osinbajo meets with some chosen Igbo who are eating fat from the inadequacies of one Nigeria. They tell the VP all is still well with one Nigeria.
REFERENDUM is the word for peace lovers.

Evil people threaten fire and brimstone to retain a failed marriage.

Spoken word3 hours ago

he has made a mockery of the judiciary.abeg Kanu hurry up and form your biafra country.

Sean Spoken word2 hours ago

Very true! I do agree totally with you

OG Bricks3 hours ago

Biafra reloading!
Hail Kanu!!
Hail Biafra!!!
Biafra or death to the imbecilic zoo dwellers!!!

Comrade Uma2 hours ago

The rest of Nigeria is stunned. The world can`t wait to inaugurate a new country with an enticing bright prospect. Like Ojukwu like Kanu. There is something divinely similar about these two great sons of Nd`Igbo.

Like a ravaging tornado, a wind of freedom that is shacking the once untouchable foundations of the “Giant of Africa” is sweeping across the land.

The sight of that crowd gladdens my heart and scars the crab out of me at the same time.

Sean2 hours ago

The gathering of ‘Morons’.. nothing is coming out of this! When push comes to shove Kanu and his dad will leg it to UK and these morons die. Next news pls! Still dey laugh

Washington Sean2 hours ago

Evidence of frustration next in line is heart attack.apply caution because of your life.

Factsay Sean2 hours ago

Who are u fighting with? Marriage is by force in ur 10th century barbaric brain

Washington Factsay2 hours ago

The moron is perplexed

Nairaskobos Sean2 hours ago

Crude oil is not all there is for a country to survive, moron. This time, the UK can’t fight with your Boko Haram/Janjaweed forces to retain Biafra in Nigeria.