The country is thrown into doom and boom analysis by local and international polymaths; the economy recession, secession agitation by Biafrans, violent threat by the Arewa Youths, divisive comments, hates speeches, ethnic discrimination and political tension behind every issue that is unfolding in the Nigeria nation.

The political commotion, secession threat, civil war tension in Nigeria politics is becoming more of intellectual argument and paving way for strong law enforcement institution to be stronger in protecting lives and property, paving way for peace and strong united Nigeria between all the relevant political characters and actors in the arena of the country’s politics.

The president constituted leadership under president Mohammed Buhari who emergence brought hope to the common man on the street, jubilations across all the nooks and crannies of the country’s geographical entities and the international community also congratulated Nigerians for their democratic maturity for the successful handing over of power, leadership mantle from an incumbent ex-President Goodluck Jonathan to the elected President Mohammed Buhari.

Critical issues that is unfolding in the country:

The Biafra secession agitation, the Arewa Youths notice to quit against the Igbos in the North, the youths in the North threatening the Igbos from the East to vacate from the North region on or before 1 Oct., the ill health of the country’s President, the Acting President making consultations with ethnic regional leaders in the country to fosters peace and unity among all ethnic groups in the country.

Taking a closer look at the statement of a statesman, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said that, often, those next to the king do not succeed him when the time presents itself.

“What is happening in Nigeria is not new, it’s not strange, but if you don’t have the wherewithal, and your wife is in intense labour, you will panic.

The pastor gave this statement during a sermon on Sunday.

The statesman stated that he believes President Muhammadu Buhari is on the path to sure recovery and has recently been serving the nation he loves with diminishing energy due to his ill health, some power-hungry persons have rather sprung up to show-offs in their bid to register star performances and outdo their benefactors”.

That “the king may be cold” and “may need warmth, but the final authority is still in his hands…”

“Personally, I have been bombarded with requests for interview by the organised press for a very long time now, regarding the situation of the country but I have granted none.

“The next in line does not translate automatically to the next king.

“What is happening in this nation is not new, it’s not strange; our nation is going through birth pangs, Nigeria is in intense labour.”

“It appears that the Nigeria of our dreams is in protracted labour.”

“Our president who I believe is on the path to sure recovery has recently been serving the nation he loves with diminishing energy due to his ill health.

“As a result of the president’s present condition, all over the land, Absaloms and Adonijahs are springing up. Again this is not unusual.”

Absaloms, he said “embraces everyone and warm their hearts into the minds of the simple and gullible till they steal the heart of all men”.

But Adonjahs confuse birthright with leadership rights, and “assume that the next in line is automatically the next king, whenever the current king is no more”.

He however said that he “hopes that those within the polity with inordinate ambitions to take over power, fully, understand that all that will be left to their name at the end is a monument and not a movement”.

Pastor Bakare said they forget “one major fact, that the king may be very cold, may be very old and in need of warmth, but the king is not yet dead”.

“You don’t know what prayer requests are flying in this country, left, right and centre… people who do not learn from history will repeat the blunders of history till they themselves become history.”

“The king may be cold, the king may need warmth, but the final authority is still in his hands.

All the actors in the corridor of power can keep acting, but the residual power is still in the man who is cold,”

Therefore Nigerians are waiting to known and see who the caps of leadership in 2019 president fit.

A good leader breeds better leadership followers.