Nigerian army are known and recognized for their high discipline and composure even in the face of war. Nigerian army pedigree over the eyes has command respect among the international comity of nation.

They are the foot soldier, watch-dog of peacekeeping and conflict resolution in the whole of Africa; they played major role in ensuring smooth transition of power in The Gambia, Sudan, Liberia and many more key role played in the peace keeping and further pledged their loyalty to upholding the democratic system of Nigeria government without truncation of democracy, clampdown on freedom of the press and liberty of the Nigerian people.

George Washington once quoted “Discipline was the soul of an army. “It makes small numbers formidable. It procures success to the weak and esteem to all.

The Special Board of Inquiry (SBOI) set up by the authorities of the federal government of Nigeria, Nigerian Army to peruse and scrutinize by looking into an alleged purported killing of protesters and human rights violations by its personnel who are involved in the fight against insurgency in the North East Nigeria and internal security operations in the South East, yesterday, unveiled the content of its final verified report statement

The special report contained sixteen (16)-page chapter documents released during a press conference with newsmen in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria on Wednesday 14 June 2017 exonerated the gallant and disciplined Nigerian Army of any wrongdoing, mischievous act  in its major peace keeping initiative roles in both the Northeast and Southeast security intervention efforts in Nigeria.

The report was presented to newsmen by the Nigerian Army’s Chief of Civil Military Affairs, Major General Nuhu Angbazo, who disclosed that contrary to the cosmetic and purported allegations against the Nigerian army of extra-judicial killings, genocide, rape as well as other forms of human rights abuse filed against the personnel of the Nigerian Army involved in internal security operations by Amnesty International (AI) and other local human rights body in the country, upon investigation, finding, interrogation, there was nothing to suggest such developments of extra-judicial killing or abuse of human rights whatsoever.

The Special Board of Inquiry (SBOI)  further disclosed that it carried out holistic investigations on all purported allegations raised by the international human rights organisation across the two regions, the Northeast Nigeria and Eastern Nigeria, stressing further that the Special Board of Inquiry (SBOI)  arrived at the final conclusion having met with State Governors in the Eastern part, Northeast and stakeholders of both regions in the course of its just concluded assignment.

Nigerian Army’s Chief of Civil Military Affairs, Major General Nuhu Angbazo was quoted as follows by newsmen

“On the allegations of extrajudicial killings by Nigerian Army personnel in IDP camps, the board finds no evidence in support of this allegation.

“The board held open sessions with governors and senior government officials of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States. They made no allegations of extra-judicial killings or sexual abuse against any military personnel.

“The board interacted extensively with the camp administrators, volunteer staff and local NGOs, government officials and the IDPs.

“There was no complaint of killings or allegations of sexual harassment against Nigerian Army personnel.

 “The board certify that it had conducted this investigation to the best of her ability and in good conscience and have presented all the facts regarding the allegations as they are.

“Our finding and recommendations are a true reflection of our unbiased assessment of the situation.

“Finally, the Nigerian Army wishes to reiterate its loyalty and subordination to civil authorities in carrying out its constitutional roles and responsibilities, “the report noted.

The panel said its findings were without bias, saying it carried out its assignment to the best of its ability.

It was widely acknowledged as a giant celebration for the Nigerian army because its discipline of their personnel stand firm on the solid ground of integrity as George Washington once quoted “Discipline was the soul of an army. “It makes small numbers formidable. It procures success to the weak and esteem to all.