methamphetaminesProverbially, Africans firmly believes that “a good name, character reputable is better than riches” but when some bad element are diminishing the long years of gathered reputable and clean-up past messed of African before the international community, one begins to wander.

Far away in South Korea, it was disclosed that the South Korean Police on Wednesday have arrested a 46 year-old Nigeria citizen for smuggling large amounts of methamphetamines, also known and called meth, into the country through international mail from China.

It was disclosed that this Nigerian yet to be identified is being detained by the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency in Seoul.

Yonhap, the Korean news agency disclosed that the Nigerian twice last week and via post attempted to smuggle into the country 605 grams of meth , worth some 2 billion won (US$1.77 million).

The drug was hidden in women’s cosmetic products.

The volume of meth he tried to sneak into Korea is large enough for about 20,000 people, the police said.

The suspect, who lives in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, and has a blue-collar job, received the mail from China through Cambodia.