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The African youths are cherished globally for their zeal and passion to acquire formal education, empower intellectually and socio-economically engaged.

The MasterCard Foundation and Michigan State University, United States, have pledges their support towards empowering youths across the Africa continents and they have committed not less than $13million to engage, empower and train 15, 000 Nigerian and Tanzanian youths in agriculture and entrepreneurship arena.

The MasterCard Foundation disclosed that the five-year partnership will see youths, and drop-outs being trained in horticulture, aquaculture, poultry, cassava and oil seed production in the two countries i.e. Nigeria and Tanzanian.

While speaking at the unveiling of the special focused themed AgriFood Youth Opportunity Lab in Lagos State, Nigeria, the Senior Programme Manager, Youth Livelihoods, MasterCard Foundation, Mr. Konde Koira, disclosed that the engagement, empowerment and training programme was geared towards engaging youths to the agric sector while also addressing food crisis and unemployment challenges in Nigeria and Tanzania and the Africa continent.

Mr. Konde Koira was quoted as follows, “AgriFood Youth Opportunity will focus on youth ages 18 to 24 in major food shed regions surrounding Lagos and Dar es Salaam. This will assist economically disadvantaged, hard-to-reach and out-of-school youths transition into employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Agrifood system.”

The African youths are passionate and ready to impact their society positive, in Nigeria the federal government currently diversified the country’s economy from oil to agriculture.

Nigeria and Tanzania youths are taking over the sector and hence the need for continue orientation, empowerment, engagement and training of African youths to see opportunity in AgriFood and engage in entrepreneur to create more jobs.