federal high court, ikoyi
Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Nigeria

The cloud/veil that has covered most eyes of our judges has been unveiled today at the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Before the Hon. Justice Mohammed Idris of the Federal High Court, Lagos judicial division today sentenced one Ibikunle Olusakin to seven years imprisonment for submitting fake documents, impersonating and trying to play games with the honourable court.

Ibikunle Olusakin was a surety in case which he legally legible to stand as surety without fetter but he acted on a fettered and battered ground while standing as surety/guarantor to perfect bail bond and secure bail for one Emmanuel Nweke, who was charged with unlawful importation and possession of prohibited firearms into the country Nigeria.

Nigerian Police Force (NPF) had charged Ibikunle Olusakin with five counts charges bordering on conspiracy, perversion of the course of justice, forgery and making false statements.

The lawyer to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), Goddy Osuyi prosecuting the matter before the honourable court at the Federal High Court informed the Hon. Judge that the NPF discovered that the documents submitted by Ibikunle Olusakin to perfect bail bond and secure bail for Emmanuel Nweke were unauthentic and fake after the accused person had jumped bail and absconded to the place unknown.

Emmanuel Nweke became fugitive to the court, to the Nigerian Police Force and the federal government of Nigeria.

Emmanuel Nweke disappearance struck the very intelligent of police force and that the police therefore consulted with the joint service force of the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to arrest Ibikunle Olusakin who stood as surety and guarantor for the perfection of Emmanuel Nweke bail was arrested two years after Emmanuel Nweke absconded.

It was further reviewed to the court that the fake documents submitted by Ibikunle Olusakin to perfect and secure bail for Emmanuel Nweke were a forged University of Lagos (UNILAG) degree certificate dated March 3, 1982; a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate with number A815994, dated September 4, 1983; a Lagos State Government Confirmation of Appointment letter dated October 16, 1989.

A forged Lagos State Government Offer of Appointment to the post of a primary school class teacher dated August 12, 1985; a forged Lagos State Government Educational District 2 letter dated April 4, 2011 and a forged Lagos State Government Staff Identify Card.

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) disclosed that the agency discovered that all the submitted documents bore the name of one Aderonmu Ayinde Tajudeen, while Ibikunle Olusakin lied on oath as stated in an affidavit about his real name, his address, his relationship with Emmanuel Nweke, his annual income, occupation, and place of work.

It was adumbrated and cement with germane authority cited by the prosecuting counsel that Ibikunle Olusakin fraudulent act is a grave offence contrary to sections 516, 467, 117, 126, 145, and 179 of the Criminal Code Act Cap. C38 Laws of the Federation, and Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015.

Upon his arraignment sometimes in 2016, Ibikunle Olusakin had pleaded not guilty to the offence alleged against him by the prosecuting body the Police.

But subsequently, Ibikunle Olusakin however, changed his mind later by concurring to the allegation and pleaded guilty to the offence of five charges fashioned and tailored against him by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) fore the competent court of jurisdiction, the Federal High Court, Lagos Judicial Division.

On Monday, Ibikunle Olusakin appeared before the Federal High Court, Lagos Judicial Division before the presiding Hon. Justice M. Idris, the court convicted Ibikunle Olusakin of the five counts as stated in the charge sheet before the court.

The hon. Court of the federal High Court, Lagos Judicial Division sentenced Ibikunle Olusakin to seven years’ imprisonment on each of counts one and three on the charge sheet before the court.

On count two and three, the Hon. Court, Justice Idris imposed a jail/ prison term of three years each; count four, one and a half year and on count five, six months’ imprison.

The Hon. Court further stated that the jail /prison years would run concurrently.

Youthrevolutionary Team Member interviewed a lawyer about the negative implication of standing in as surety/guarantor for an accused person with questionable character and integrity,

The interviewed counsel urged the general public to scrutinized document first, and never to stand in as surety/guarantor for people that have a questionable character and lacks integrity.