Olarewaju Onadeko (SAN)
Nigerian Law School, D.G, Mr. Olarewaju Onadeko (SAN)

The Nigerian Law School (NLS), Bar Part 1 & 11 final examination tagged among law school students as the almighty qualifying professional examination for law school students in Nigeria witnessed another failure blow as the Nigerian Law School (NLS) has released preliminary summary of the Bar final examination results conducted from April 22 to 28 across all the various campus, Abuja Campus, Enugu Campus, Kano Campus, Bayelsa Campus, Lagos Campus etc.

The Nigerian Law School (NLS), Director-General, Mr. Olarewaju Onadeko, (SAN), made this disclosure in a statement issued on Saturday 10 June 2017 in Bwari, Federal Capita Territory, Abuja.

The Director General of NLS disclosed in the released statement that total of 2,125 students participated and sat for the Bar Final examination across the country while 1,393 students passed the Bar successful without hiccups.

It was further disclosed in the statement that the grading method in place records as follows: Students with Conditional Pass records are 196 while 596 failed the examination.

It was also included in the released statement that

Candidates with Pass are 65.6 per cent,

Conditional Pass represented 6. 4 per cent,

Failure recorded 28 per cent.

For the successful candidates of the Nigerian Law School will be call to the Bar as Solicitors and Barrister of the Supreme on 13 July 2017. This ceremony will further enable the called lawyers to practice in Nigeria and appear before courts of records in the country.

The ‘Call to Bar’ ceremony will witnessed dignitaries across the country, legal luminaries and well wishers.