RefugeesThe wind blew the tears of Nigerian refugees away and succor in self preservation when the Nigeria government fails in their responsibility to cater for her refugees in another man’s country.

These refugees were victims of Boko Haram terrorists group that evaded their peace and made this Nigerians flew their homes to the neighboring Cameroon.

Nigerian refugees in Cameroon are more than 200,000 displaced by the Boko Haram terrorists group.

Nigerian refugees in Cameroon called on the federal government of Nigeria to quicken the process for their return to their home communities in Banki, Pulka and other towns so they could put back the pieces of their lives.

These Nigerian refugees in Cameroon have blamed the Federal Government of Nigeria for neglecting them and afflicting them with hunger due to lack of enough food from government.

On Wednesday during a news conference in Abuja, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees shown a video of the victims at Minawao Camp

The footage was recorded when the agency visited the camp during its tripartite mission on the return of Nigerian refugees from Cameroon.

A woman who addressed the UNHCR officials during the visit complained that the Federal Government of Nigeria had abandoned them to starve in Northern Cameroon.

The woman said in Hausa language “We are hungry, we don’t get enough food to eat; Nigeria has forgotten us here, we wish to come back home even if they would not give us food. We prefer to be back on Nigerian soil without food.”

The UNHCR Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Antonio Calendula who presented the findings said the refugees were willing to come back, noting that they were not happy with their dependency on the UN agencies for their needs.

“The refugees are not happy depending on humanitarian assistance, they want to come back. Nigeria should improve reception conditions in anticipation of returns by the refugees,” the UNHCR representative said.

It was also disclosed that the World Food Programme was not doing bad in prioritizing Nigerian refugees over Central African Republic refugees whose food rations had been reduced by 50 per cent due to low budget.

The UNHCR report further disclosed that over 200,000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon cannot return to their communities because the federal government of Nigeria cannot guarantee their security and accused the Federal Government of Nigeria of neglect.