The call for youth empowerment and creation of job opportunity for the teeming youths in the country has witnessed calls from past and present leaders in the country.

The ex-Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Mr. Chibudum Nwuche, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Monday pleaded with the Federal Government of Nigeria to create a concrete solution to the major problem confronting the Nigerian youths of today which is unemployment in the country.

The ex-Deputy Speaker described the youth unemployment in the country as a country sitting on a gun powder and that youth unemployment is a time bomb.

 “What is critical for Nigeria now is to address the issue of unemployment. The army of unemployed youths is a time bomb that the government must address and create the economy to engage them. I think the government has done well but there are areas for improvement they should focus on.”

“For instance, if you talk about security it has done well on it. It is doing well in the fight against corruption. The fight against corruption must be fought within the rule of law and not based on the whims of a man.

“There is political and real corruption. Some people because they are in power, they have the means, and they want to set people up. They conjure up petitions against people they don’t like. They have the means to make what is civil contract appear criminal. They have the means to make people look as if they are corrupt whereas they are not. That is what some people tried to do to me. Politicians should not be allowed to interfere with the process of fighting corruption.”

The ex-Speaker also commended the Federal government of Nigeria for the success recorded so far in the area of security of lives and property of every citizen in the country.