The global movement in protecting the rights of women all over the world has fastened it belt by calling all relevant authorities all over the world to continue to protect children from every form of abuses such as sexual abuse, human trafficking, physical abuse and sexual molestation.

child-abuseAs Nigeria marked the 2017 Children’s Day on Saturday, the Nigeria chapter of International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) called on the legislative arms of government, judicial officers, child rights activists and relevant security law enforcement agencies in Nigeria to enforce the implementation of laws several laws governing and protecting children.

Mrs. Inime Aguma, Vice President of the Nigeria chapter of FIDA, made this disclosure in commemorate the 2017 Children’s Day celebration in FCT, Abuja.

As propounded by Mrs. Inime Aguma that the local government, state government and Federal governments of Nigeria needs to look into the rights of children with the view to addressing the several challenges confront the children in the country.

Mrs. Inime Aguma stated as follows: “Nigeria has enacted the Child Rights Act, 2003. We call upon those states that are yet to enact state Laws in line with this Act to do so.

“Those states that have Laws protecting Child Rights Act in place must ensure effective implementation.

“It is necessary as a country, signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1990, and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, 1999, to ensure that the rights and welfare of our children,” she said.

Aguma said the event was to reflect on children’s education, growth, development, welfare, health and other issues affecting the Nigerian child.

“Reports from FIDA branches, partners and stakeholders and media across the country show that Nigerian children are still lagging behind in terms of having their basic needs met and their fundamental rights respected.

“In the northern part of Nigeria, a lot of children are out of school as a result of insecurity issues that ravaged the region.

“Many other children suffer from diseases such as malnutrition, meningitis, cholera, HIV, etc, as a result of poor health care,” she said.

“As adults, parent and guardians, it is our duty to ensure that the children’s right are protected.

“We must increase our advocacy and awareness on the importance of respecting the rights of children.”

From the angle of Youthrevolutionary team members they urged Nigeria government at the local level, state level and federal level to continue to sensitize the general public to report cases of child abuses, physical assaults, violence against children to the relevant organization in the country such as the police stations, legal practitioners, lawyers, NGO and leaders in their host community.