The State of Osun government on Thursday 25 May 2017 categorically disclosed that the government had provided 15 acres of vast land for large scale cultivation to boost food production in the State of Osun.

Dr Bukola Aluko, the coordinating director of The State of Osun Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Youths Engagement, disclosed this as follows in an interview with newsmen in Osogbo the capital city of the State of Osun.

“Through this collaboration, billions of Naira will be invested in agriculture: planting, processing and packaging of farm produce.

 “Currently, farmers that are interested in partnering the state government have started importing their raw materials.

“The state government on its part has provided between 10 hectares and 15 hectares of land to investors for cultivation of farm crops.”

“The state government has set up an Agriculture Development Bank to address land allocation for farming.”

From the interview with newsmen it was further deduced that the programme would propel the state for greatness, generates revenue and promote the economy vibrancy of the state of Osun.

The youths were urged to take opportunity offered by the programme, that the state government is interested in the promotion of the youths and allocation of portion of land from the acres to the people of the state of Osun to cultivate crops will soon kick-start.