Vice President of Nigeria
Acting Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

Youth’s engagement, empowerment and exposure are very germane to the promotion of Nigeria unity and promotion of the good images of the country abroad.

Today Thursday 25 May 2017, the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has called on Nigerian youths to promote the unity of Nigeria in order to make the country great among the international comity of nations.

This disclosure was made at a special conference held in FCT, Abuja with a special theme tagged: “I am a Nigerian Conference” and unveiling of a book titled: ‘’Project One Nigerian’’ organised by Project One, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

Prof.  Yemi Osinbajo was rightly represented by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande, who further disclosed that the Nigerian youths must avoid and restrict every fanatic and barbaric ideology and divisible ideologies that will not promote the unity of the Nigeria nation.

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande, further threw more light on the issues and circumstances confronting the unity of Nigeria as follows:

“The point here is that even though we have differences; religious differences, ethnic differences among others, the fact that we have the potential of turning that diversity to strength supersede these differences.

“If we remain as Nigerians, we have a better chance of prosperity, development and a better chance of building a reputation that will be far exceeding rather than going different ways.

“Today, some are suggesting that we must go back to our ethnic nationalities from which Nigeria was formed.

“They say secession is answer to the issues of marginalisation; they argued that secession from Nigerian state will ultimately result in successful smaller states.

“The idea opined very convincingly that Nigeria is just a colonial contraction that cannot endure.

“Our position is that no country is perfect. Around the world, we have seen and continue to see expressions or intra-national discontent that is not peculiar to Nigeria.’’

“One of the strength of diversity is that it has a bigger and better pool to bring out resources, manpower and ideas that can really make significant impact.

“The more beneficial option for us individually and collectively is for us to apply the effort and the patience required to understand one another and to progressively aspire to create one nation in peace and unity.

“There are tremendous reasons we should affirm our ‘Nigerianess’ that our individual prosperity can be better achieved than being separate,” he said.

 ‘’I am a Nigerian Conference’’ was a pointer to the fact that there is prosperity for every Nigerian if the people resolved to stay united and build a better Nigeria.

Mr. Laolu Akande further submitted on the note that young people must channel their toward positive and profitable ventures that will better the lives of people.

That Nigerian youth should seek for good governance and accountability from the people that seek to represent them in government and there is power and strength in diversity globally and not limited to Nigeria diversity alone.

The organizer of the conference, Mrs. Bisayo Busari-Akinadeju, also encourages the Nigerian youths to channel their energy towards achieving a prosperous Nigeria.

Mrs. Bisayo Busari-Akinadeju further quoted as follows that “The book which is titled ‘’Project One Nigerian’’ has a core message that says, unlock your potential through your identity and it is about one Nigerian to move the motion and let everybody follow suit.

“I am Nigerian conference has come to stay and it is an annual programme that would focus on essay competition and recognition of those that have contributed positively for Nigeria.’’

From the angle of our teams, we reiterates that youths empowerment, positive engagement and exposure to best international practice in politics, business, career and socio-economy life are the bedrock of democratic system of government.

Youths must unlock their creativity, innovation and potentials for the betterment of humanity.