Governor Seriaki Dickson
Governor of Bayelsa State, Seriaki Dickson

Globally, good governance connotes accountability, integrity and transparency. People demand for good governance from their leaders irrespective of political party ideology and member’s sympathy.

Today Wednesday 24 May, 2017, the Bayelsa state government under the leadership of Governor Seriaki Dickson disclosed it layout strategic to generates not less than 7,000 temporary jobs from the execution of World Bank $50million projects funded for development facility in the Niger Delta region which comprises Bayelsa State, Delta State, Edo State and Rivers State of Nigeria.

The $200 million World Bank’s intervention loan covers the four states.

At state news briefing by Mr. Ayens Adogu, Project Coordinator of State Expenditure for Results Bayelsa, disclosed that over 3,000 jobs had so far been created in the first phase of the project.

That Bayelsa state government would exceed the planned 7,000 job creation at the end of the second phase of the programme following the successes so far recorded in the first phase.

That youths in the state were engaged to provide skilled and unskilled labour for the road projects for a period of one year and being paid a monthly stipend of N20,000, that the other youths are engaged in a rotation to enable other unemployed youths earn a living also.

Unemployed youths were engage, trained and empowered in entrepreneurship, to enable them to be self-employed.

It was further disclosed Bayelsa SEEFOR project was in conjunction with the World Bank and the European Union to fund quick impact development projects like concrete walkways, streets, market stalls, craft centres and health centres.

That the selection processes by the WB and EU in picking benefiting communities are selected based on needs and cogent readiness of the selected communities to contribute 10% of the N10m set aside for each benefiting community and that the $50m allocated from the $200m to each states for development facility had a 40-year tenor and 10-year moratorium at concessionary interest rate.

It was further disclosed that 108 micro public works projects had so far been completed in the first phase of the project while SEEFOR just advertised expression of interest for contractors for 136 new projects.

 “The government of Bayelsa is using the World Bank credit to reflect the economy of the state and boost economic activities to improve the living standards of the people.

“The impact of the project has touched the state’s economy; for instance, the payment of over 3,000 hitherto unemployed youths involves 10 banks and not to mention the award of small contracts for the over 108 micro public works projects across the state.