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The Nigeria government has flag off a special campaign on gender equality and with a keen focus on women empowerment with theme tagged “HeForShe campaign’’, in the FCT, Abuja.

The special campaign was disclosed on lunched on Tuesday; the disclosure was made by the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Sen. Aisha Alhassan, that “HeForShe” was fashioned and tailored to secure the commitment of one billion men across the globe.

The Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Sen. Aisha Alhassan further elaborates as follows:

“Out of the signatories to the campaign in the country, we anticipate that half will take the initial step of making a simple pledge for gender equality.

“We also project that another quarter will pledge and be inspired to engage more fully, taking a second step to donate towards, advocate for, and sensitise themselves and other gender equality issues.”

“HeForShe 10 impact Project’ launched in 2015, the projects brings together 10 heads of states, 10 global Chief Executive Officers and 10 university Presidents or vice chancellors who would sign on to 30 communities to fast track gender equality in board rooms and world capitals.

“Drawing a leaf from their example, I would like to appeal to acknowledge gender champions which includes royal fathers, religious leaders, celebrities, political leaders, civil society organisation actors, private sector chief executives, institutional and social administrators.’’

The United Nations (UN) Women Representative to Nigeria, Ms Comfort Lamptey, disclosed that Nigeria was the fifth country to officially launch the campaign advocacy platform after Cape Verde, Liberai, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

It was further reviewed that globally, more than 1.1 million men had joined the campaign movement till date.

“The HeForShe journey begins online with a simple affirmation that gender equality is not only women’s issues, but also a human right issue that requires everyone’s participation and commitment to achieve.

“The campaign is solidarity movement which aims to engage at least one billion men and boys on the topic of gender equality,’’

She said in recognition of the size of the country, a six high calibre men from six segments of the society have been selected; namely the executive, the judiciary, legislature, academia, private sector, traditional and religious institutions from the six geo-political zones.

The Permanent Secretary, of the ministry, Mrs. Nwokedi Phyllis, also disclosed that the “HeForShe” campaign would implement a shared vision of gender equality with norms of gender equality, non-violence, respect and positively shaping the society.

Also, Mrs. Ifeyinwa Omowole, President of Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), said the NAWOJ would support “HeForShe” by taking the campaign to remotes areas and the grassroots.

That “HeForShe” campaign was not to seek equality with men from the religious aspect but to give women opportunity and bridge the gap with men.