The Nigeria Government and the Birmingham City University, United Kingdom executed a memorandum of agreement aim to provide good healthcare package and safety net for the elderly people in Nigeria.

The Minister of Health, Prof Adewole disclosed this in FCT, Abuja, when a 3-man delegation from Birmingham City University led by Prof. Hafiz Khan paid the Minister of Health a courtesy to present a proposal on how to improve health quality care for the aged in the country.

Prof. Adewole, at the meeting said that “When you look at our population profile, we are a youthful population with about 70 per cent youth and 30 per cent elderly, so when we look at the aged, we are planning for the future.”

“We will support it to make it done, we need to have a policy framework, and we need to have a strategic development plan that is costed to drive this concept to fruition”.

The Project Coordinator, Health Package for Improving Quality Care on Ageing Population and Diseases in Nigeria, (HEPIQ-C), Dr. Saidu Ahmed Dumbulwa, said the aim of the project was in tandem with the mandate of the government health policy of this current administration and to dedicate the benefit of the collaboration to the elderly in our society by helping the aged and their family members to overcome the challenges of ageing.

“We will evolve a natural world where the aged will have unhindered access to quality healthcare and quality of life”.

Dr. Saidu Ahmed Dumbulwa stated that they would help in training medical health professionals in the country.

Prof. Hafiz Khan of Birmingham City University said the concept has two components-International Policy framework for Nigeria as a whole and Social Security stressing that the policy would be implemented both in the long and short term.

“We need to organise training Programme for our health professionals in elderly care dealing with aged people suffering from dementia and mental disorder.”

The Minister of Health, Prof. Adewole, Nigeria increase in population; definitely the aged population will increase as a result of demographic transition, that Nigeria needs to look at the issue of the elderly in the context of our social system.

That Nigeria government is committed to advancing the course of the elderly so that they would not feel neglected noting that aged people are susceptible to non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer.