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Boko Haram abducted Chiboks school girls

Nigeria government war against Boko Haram terrorists group and any other vices of terrorism was lauded by Dr. Jehangir Khan, Director, Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) and United Nations Counter Terrorism Centre (UNCCCT), at the graduation parades of 35 Nigerian aviation security Master Trainers by the UNCCT, on Friday in the FCT, Abuja.

United Nations Counter Terrorism Centre (UNCCCT) kick-off the Master Trainer programme in July 2016, to train Nigerian aviation security personnel as trainers.

That Master Trainers project was “first of its kind” in Aviation Security Training being implemented by UNCCT.

That Nigeria government was one of the active partners in the Integrated Assistance for Countering Terrorism (I-ACT) that brought the United Nation family together to provide ‘All-of-UN’ capacity building on counter-terrorism.

Dr. Jehangir Khan further reiterates and said that “The selection of Nigeria as the first country to receive this type of project reflects highly upon the importance of Nigeria in both the global aviation security sector and overall counter-terrorism efforts of Member States.

“Nigeria is a long-standing partner in the United Nations counter-terrorism work, including as a valued member of the UNCCT Advisory Board.

“And as one of the early partners in the Integrated Assistance for Countering Terrorism (I-ACT), which brings the entire UN family together to provide ‘All-of-UN’ capacity building on counter-terrorism and the prevention of violent extremism.

“These engagements are a testament to the seriousness with which the Nigerian authorities are addressing terrorism and violent extremism.’’

That Aviation Security project is designed to respond to the current security environment and to strengthen the aviation security sector in Nigeria and in the broader region.

“It responds to urgent needs and addresses concerns shared by all Member States with regard to the global security in the aviation sector.

“By demonstrating success, this project will serve as a model and I encourage the international community to continue to support these important efforts,’’

Resident Coordinator, UN Ad Interim, Mohammed Fall also buttress his point that “Also, as part of this project there has been a complete updating of all aviation security policies, procedures, and regulations.

“This combined with an aggressive compliance and inspectorate programme will ensure the sustainability of the programme.

“You, our proud Trainers and Security Officers, who are graduating today are a key part of the sustainability strategy of this programme.

“The success of this project to date is due to a number of factors and in many ways speak to why Nigeria was selected as the first country to receive the training.

“First, as with other UN programmes, Nigeria is an exceptional partner to work with. That spirit of partnership was key to the success of this project.

“Second, is government’s willingness to improve. The government, and in this case, the Minister of State for Aviation’s desire to enhance aviation security has been consistent.

“His courage to take on the most difficult issues and strive for excellence is remarkable,’’

The trained personnel officers were urged exercise quality teaching methodology to train and empower the large number of AVSEC personnel officers at the two training centres to be set up by the United Nation (UN) in Lagos State and Zaria State, Nigeria.