imagesLet it be known to Nigerians and the world at large that “always, the secret of our success rests on our ability to acknowledge the good in our fellow men, even our very enemy” by Oke. U. Madueke.

The Executive arm of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has demonstrated their power monger and political rascality by threaten the foundation of the country that is the Constitution in its sabotage of fundamental rights of the arrested apex Judges of the Supreme Court and the Federal High Court’s Judges.

I will not want to delve into the lawlessness and psychological brutality perpetrated by the Executive arm of government on the Judicial officers in the Federal Republic of Nigeria that is guided by rules and due process as enshrined by its Constitution.

I am of the firm view that corruption is endemic and pandemic corruption in the highest level and disastrous economic policies must be fought headlong and whosoever is culpable of corruption should be dealt with seriously. Therefore, it suffices to say NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW. CONSTITUTION MUST BE OBEYED.

My President is fighting this endemic disease called corruption but Mr. President why spoil now, by then?

My fellow countrymen our sowing today is our reaping tomorrow, knowing this, a wise man can only sow today what he would like to reap “Then’.

Our yesterdays during military regime are all done with till the day of judgment. Therefore, if we are wise, we shall make the most of today, that there may be no vain regrets tomorrow. It will always be true that there may be no vain regrets tomorrow. It will always be true that every sunrise is a birthday and every sunset a time of reckoning. Take care of your beginning in every venture in life, and you will have little cause for lamentation when you have reached the end of the way.

Why spoil now, by then? Then it will be. Emerson said. ‘There is no moment in eternity more important than this moment.’ If we could release every moment of our lives from nostalgic ideas of ‘what it was like then during the dictatorship regime under my watch’, or of fearful ideas as to ‘what it will be like then’, in the problematical future, what a glorious life we could all be living NOW.

You cannot hold two opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time; this is a democratic system of government and not anarchical regime.

Consider this aspect from the NOW point of view. Never mind what anybody has ever told you in the past THEN was different. Forget all the detrimental ideas you have ever entertained with regard to Nigeria Politics – the do and die politics or what Prof. Jega tag:–reckless mindset of Nigerian politicians (the do and die politics). Choose now to think such thoughts as these – at this moment. ‘Nigeria is a democratic system and due process must be followed in sensu stricto with the Constitution. At this moment you are breathing the breath of democracy. This life-sustaining breath is flooding the nooks and crannies of our country with investment opportunities, judiciary, legislative and executive sanitization, infrastructural development, economic boom and utilization of the natural resources. BELIEVE YOU ME WE SHALL OVERCOME THIS ECONOMIC RECESSION

Have you ever faced up to the idea of what a tremendous priviledge this is as a leader of this nation? And also the tremendous responsibility?Many people shy away from the idea of responsibility, but it is nothing to be afraid of, it is just your response-ability. The point is, how are you responding, or reacting to the privileges that are yours? This privilege for instance of CHOOSING your decision, whose advise to listening to, strategic policies to implement etc.

Judging by the headlines in the newspapers, it would appear that most people are interested in what is WRONG with the world. Consequently the more your thoughts dwell upon the wrong and injurious in its many forms, the more power you are giving to them. It makes no difference in what context you are placing such thoughts, it may be in utter contempt and condemnation, the very fact of thinking such thoughts as wrong and injurious, adds to such effects.

No doubt you HAVE made mistakes in the past, we all have, the person who never made a mistake, never made anything. But we do not have to sit and wallow in our mistakes, that was yesterday. Why spoil now by then? Let the dead past go.

We do not have to suffer now in order to attain bliss in a problematical future. Any hereafter is problematical. Whatever it is, I believe it will be an expansion, and fuller expression of life, but I also believe it will be by an orderly sequence of growth, and must proceed out of our present experience. By making the best use of faculties now, we build our future.


Judges sits on the sanctimonious throne of justice, adjudicates, mediates and delivers judgment…I am just trying to imagine who will suffer this psychological brutality this Justices were subjected to? I have no doubts, the commoners and litigants will suffer from this Judges’ words of assault and vendetta rulings and remarks.

I know of a country, in this circumstances this Judges will voluntarily tender their resignation letter or step down from the sacred throne of justice but here in Nigeria I doubt it.

Therefore, should this Judges be relieved of their duties by the National Judicial Council?

By Bolaji Ogungbemi