Water is one of the most essential basic necessities of life, and man needs clean, portable drinking water for survival for personal and domestic use.

Ambassador for Enterprise Global Development Foundation (AFE) through its founder Ambassador Ashley Yusuf stated that the foundation has launched a Clean Water Initiatives to provide clean, portable, free and safe water for the people living in rural communities across Nigeria for personal and domestic use.

Ambassador Ashley Yusuf also stated during a press conference held in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja lamented that one of the key challenge facing the country was lack of access to potable drinkable water and clean water for sanitation to prevent water diseases.

Ambassador Ashley Yusuf also stated that the World Health Organization (WHO) had developed the Millennium Development Goal on Water, that by the year 2015, water would be free, clean, and safe for all but unfortunately, this is 2017, 40 per cent of the World citizens and Africans are still suffering from being deprived of safe water.

That the United Nations General Assembly had declared that water is a human right and water should be clean, safe and free for all being a free gift of nature and water should not be seen as a privilege but a right.

Ambassador Ashley Yusuf further stated that “without our generation’s response to this challenges we shall be judged by history, for if we fail to meet it boldly and swiftly and together, we will risk consuming future generations to an irrelevant catastrophe”.

That government agencies or private sector alone cannot solve the challenges, that Nigerians must join hands together to fight the course and to ensure clean and portable water for all.

He disclosed that the international community and stakeholders around the world are engaged in a process to negotiate a new global framework to eradicate poverty through sustainable development goal (SDG).

Ambassador Ashley Yusuf further concluded on that as part of the United Nation guidelines on water as human right and water should be sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable, the foundation is partnering with other Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to provide water for the teeming populace in the country.