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Consul General of the United States of America, John Bray

The United States of America, consulate office and the Field of Skills and Dreams Academy have executed partnership to empower, engage, train and mentor over 102 young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria are to be empowered, trained and equipped with basic successful strategies that will guide them to the pact of business success.

In a Conference for Emerging Entrepreneurs hosted in Lagos State on Tuesday 5th April, 2017, the US Consul General, John Bray, disclosed that the young business entrepreneurs would be engaged, trained and empowered with basic techniques and skills to grow their businesses.

It was stated that, it is an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to change and impact their society by proffering workable solutions to economic challenges through resilience and commitment.

Mrs. Omowale Ogunrinde, Chief Executive Officer, FSD, disclosed the programme aimed to encourage participants to execute their business vision and achieve success in their endeavours.

The conference witnessed some business tycoons and dignitaries such as Mr. John Momoh, Chairman and CEO, Channels Television, Founder, MainOne Cable; Funke Opeke; and the Co-founder and Director, Sahara Group, Tonye Cole, encouraged Nigerian entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses.

They urged the young entrepreneurs to make a change in the country through their businesses.

Mr. John Momoh disclosed that he realised that his dreams of owning a broadcast media organisation was a risk worth taking.

He further gave advice to the participants not to give up on their dreams of becoming business owners irrespective of their location or situation, saying that they should not compromise their integrity.

“You must have passion and vision; be ready to take risks, be decisive, think big, have a positive mind-set and seek out opportunities around you. Work hard and be innovative. Do not focus your mind on money. When you focus on satisfying your customers, the money will come,”

Director, Sahara Group, Tonye Cole also reiterated that entrepreneurs must be innovative and change the status quo, because they were ambassadors in the country and beyond.

“You have to be innovative and create things that people don’t understand. You can dream big but start small and focus on understanding the business. If we can succeed regardless of lack of access to training, you can also succeed,” he stated.

MainOne Cable; Funke Opeke also stated that even though there were constraints in the business environment due to inadequate security and infrastructure, entrepreneurs should break down the barriers.

“I encourage people that despite the challenging environment, they can be focused and deploy their capacity into what they want to do,” she said.

On the conclusion note it was stated that Nigerians should take opportunity in self development and empowerment.