318 x 139 - youthrevolutionaryparty.wordpress.comAt the gathering of some NGOs in Nigeria and human rights activist have raised alarm and caution over what they described as “the hidden dangers” in the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

At the event, the African Regional World Congress of Families organised by Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH) in Lagos State, Nigeria

FACH Director, Dr. Okafor Theresa, disclosed that CEDAW, a United Nations, UN, convention ratified by Nigeria in 1985 but yet to be domesticated into the Nigeria law, is laudable on the surface of its value.

Dr. Okafor Theresa highlighted that some section of the convention couched in deceptive words in articles 10(h), 12, 14(b) and 16 of CEDAW are the real intentions: legalising sterilisation of women to control population, prostitution and abortion, which is why sex education in secondary schools must be stopped.

That question must be asked as to who clinics in Africa are behind the rising number of abortion or termination of unwanted pregnancies and why workers are made to sign undertakings not to reveal what happens in the clinics during abortion.

The Family Watch International, President Sharon Slater said that sponsors of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) were only concerned about making profits, because they make the products (condoms, pills, among others) that youths are encouraged to use.

Andrew Marsh of UK-based Christian Concern, also said that family failures cost the taxpayer over £48 billion in 2016;

The gathering witnessed dignitaries and personalities, the Relate Africa Organisation for Marriage and Family, Bridget Itsuehi, Founder and Chairperson; Jackhin Gandi of Pearls and Treasure Trust, Kenya, participants shared their experiences with abortions, drugs and abortion clinics; and members of Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LSUBEB).

The Founder of Abortion Information, Salome van der Wende apologised for the years Africa continent was subjected to colonization and exploitation via slave trade, adding that the same people have come back under a different guise to harvest human parts by targeting African children.