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Toro Orero

Africa entrepreneur are to benefit from the fund made available by SpeedUpAfrica.

That the $1 Million will be up for small medium scale enterprises in African to engineer and fund their business, the $1 Million is made available by an investor agencies, including SpeedUpAfrica, which main desire is to speed up the African tech eco system to enable it compete on a global scale.

It was further disclosed that the SMEs may access the fund at a SpeedUPAfrica Bootcamp which will holds in the city of Lagos Nigeria, the commercial hub of West Africa from 5th July till 9th July, 2017.

It was disclosed that the objective of SpeedUpAfrica of the bootcamp is to empower entrepreneur in African start-ups of SMEs.

SiliconValley VC firm Draper Dark Flow (DDF), a speaker at the meeting said that the organization witnessed success in 2016, will once again be providing practical solutions to everything from securing funding and attracting new users, to product differentiation and expansion.

While Toro Orero, said that SpeedUPAfrica is different from other African start-up events because it provides hands-on practical help from international experts including financiers, strategists and brand builders – as well as entrepreneurs who have built their own successful businesses both in Africa and overseas.

That the event is backed by DDF founder Tim Draper, who has now invested in more than 1000 companies, including Skype and Hotmail and most recently, Swiftly and VugaPay, both of which he met through SpeedUPAfrica.

Also the Managing Partner at DraperDarkFlow, said that Toro Orero, is the driving force behind SpeedUPAfrica.

He said “Our focus is on mentors, workshops and Investments as well as networking and socialising with like-minded enterpreneurs.

We will ensure that the SpeedUPAfrica week event is a defining moment in the life of the entrepreneur’s start-ups who attend.”

That participants will have the opportunity to pick the brains of senior representatives from Google, Singularity and Draper Universities, and some 60 potential investors.F6S- whose online platform provides entrepreneurs with access to start-up programs and investment funds as well as a host of other benefits – will be providing US$1 million of benefits to selected SpeedUp Africa participants.

Also, Edem Dotse, CEO of Swiftly,aPeople-not-present (PnP) movement of goods platform that enables people to reduce the cost of shipping by sharing shipping space (SSS).

He concluded that “SpeedUpAfrica transformed my business and had a great impact on my life. As well as helping me to secure investment, I learnt so much and have implemented the words of wisdom and advice, tips and hacks that I received”.

The organization informed the general public to take opportunity presented by SpeedUpAfrica.