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Pastor Abel Eku alleged suspect with bomb

In Edo State Division of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Benin Command on Tuesday has arrested an alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku, for his allegedly attempting to commit murder by blowing up the headquarters of the Christ Chosen Church of God in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria with some explosive devices.

‎The alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku was said to have planted the deadly explosives inside the church auditorium premises sometimes in the month of January 2017, that prior to the commencement of the Christ Chosen Church of God international conference.

The alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku plotted this deadly explosives in other to cause murder, but his planned failed, this was disclosed that his plot have been foiled when the objects were detected, leading to his arrest by some policemen in Benin.

From the scene evidence gathered, it was discovered that the deadly explosive devices were detonated by the security operatives of the church, after he reportedly alerted some church officials about the location of the bomb.

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) arrested and paraded the alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku, who was parade him on Tuesday 21 March, 2017, the alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku blamed the act on what he described as bitterness over his dismissal from the church due to marital issues, after 25 years of service to the Christ Chosen Church of God.

‎‎‎The alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku disclosed to pressmen that he did it out of annoyance but later regretted his action which made him to call the church officials about the location of the bomb.

Some members of the church expressed their total shock over the incident that it was like a dream when the bomb was discovered by the securities operatives in Benin.

That they are yet to recover from the shock of the incident and some declined to comment on what must have prompted the suspect to carry out such barbaric act of bomb planting in the church auditorium of the church.

The alleged pastor, Mr. Abel Eku, also stated that he regretted his action, that the deadly bomb devices was not meant to kill anyone but to cause a scare among his church members and elders of the church and participants at the international conference.

‎Several journalists made interrogation from the alleged pastor; Mr. Abel Eku further reiterates that “It was out of annoyance that I planted the bomb. I was dismissed from the church after serving for 25 years. After planting the bomb, I was not happy with myself.

“I had a change of heart and called the people about it. It was to scare people. I have to call people to check and diffuse it.

‎”I had marital issues with my wife. We came to the church to resolve it and it was not resolved. It led to my dismissal. I was very bitter about the dismissal. I do not have the intention of killing people.”

The Nigeria Police Force urges member of the public to continue to support the police force and other security agencies in the country with relevant information and also help in the fight against terrorism. Security is the responsibility of everyone.

Investigation is still ongoing.

Details later…