450-x-148-youthrevolutionaryparty-wordpress-com1At the Third (3rd) Mainland Bridge- the city of Lagos State, Nigeria was shocked at the unprecedented act of suicide that took place on a fresh Sunday afternoon when a full grown man took his own life. Not just a man one can class as a lunatic but a high class personality a Medical Doctor.

This Medical Doctor was identified as Dr Allwell Orji at the scene after the deceased allegedly committed suicide, the deceased jumped from the high rise bridge of Third Mainland Bridge, the longest bridge in West Africa in Lagos State, Nigeria into the lagoon and got drowned.

The jumping into the Lagoon was neither a routine exercise nor swimming techniques it was a conscious suicide mission, the deceased Medical Doctor, who was without a swimming life saving jacket, jumped into the lagoon at about 4: 30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

At the scene of the tragedy, it was gathered that the victim jumped into the lagoon between Adekunle and Adeniji end of the Third Mainland Bridge.

At the scene many wondered what must have prompted a high personality in the society that practice as Medical practitioner, one of the distinguished noble profession in the world, Medical Doctor jumped into the Lagoon and committed suicide

 A Medical Doctor who is naturally considered in any society has educated and rich man who owns a Nissan SUV and has a private driver commits suicide

Or is it that the man could have been clinically depressed, lost a huge fortune in business, overcome with the grief of losing a loved one, etc.

He was reported to have stopped his driver on the bridge, opened the door of his Nissan SUV and jumped into the Lagoon.

“The driver parked the car; the doctor came down and immediately jumped into the Lagoon.”

From the scene of the event, some eye witnessed reviewed that before the suicide tragedy, the man had instructed his personal driver to pack his car that he wanted to discuss confidential issue with a Client on phone.

Journalist at the scene made efforts to speak with the driver of the victim but all the efforts proved abortive.

The Lagos State Divisional Police Officer (DPO), prevented pressmen from gaining access to the deceased Medical Doctor.

At the scene, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) officials and the Nigerian Police Force personnel attached to the Adeniji Police Station, Yaba, Lagos were sighted at the scene strategizing on how to recover the body of the deceased victim.

Mr. Adesina Tiamiyu, General Manager of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA)  gave disclosed that the LASEMA received a distress call of a man, who parked his grey coloured Nissan Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) with Plates Number: LND 476 EE at about 4.50 pm around Adekunle, Lagos inward 3rd Mainland Bridge and jumped into the Lagos Lagoon.

According to him, preliminary investigation at the scene revealed that the man said to be Medical Doctor named Orji, who was said to be driven by his personal driver, suddenly ordered the driver to pull over, and dropped from the car before jumping into the water from the 3rd Mainland Bridge. “The vehicle and the driver have been taken to Adeniji Adele Police Station, Lagos for further investigation, while effort is on going

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