473-x-230-youthrevolutionaryparty-wordpress-com1Today the Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, Nigeria in its program, empowering the youths on the important of self empowerment at the annual youth programme initiative of the church has called on the federal and states government to give more financial support and convenient business operating environment for the small medium enterprises operated largely by the youths.

At the annual youth empowerment programme of the fountain of life church, Lagos branch for 2017, the Coordinator of the initiative, Pastor Tinu Olashore of Fountain of Life Church, said that without a thriving Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) industry in Nigeria, the nation’s economy could not really blossom as much as it should.

Pastor Tinu Olashore, the Coordinator of the programme stated that in considering the impact the Small Medium Enterprises (SME) could bring to the nation development, that it now cogent and necessary that the federal and states government and its relevant institutions to give full support to every striving business operators of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the relevant backing to succeed in the country.

That taking such a great move to render help to all Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country, it will not only benefit many individuals and households, who depend on the proceeds of their business to survive and cater for their dependants, but it will also go a long way to turn the fortune of the country in impacting positively on the national economy through the contribution of the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

The nation economic will experience speedy recovery at this recession session of the country, that the youths should engage themselves in activities that will contributes to their development and the nation at large.

That Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the 21st century is driving force of nation economic and that the federal and states government should render their support to the youths.

Pastor Tinu Olashore of Fountain of Life Church further said that “The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have the great potential to turn Nigeria’s economy around if given the necessary support by the government. That there are millions of small businesses across the country; imagine what they can achieve if they are supported.

“As a church, we understand this fact and that is why every year since 2009, we have continued to train youths under our empowerment programme to acquire skills that will see them set up and manage successful businesses.”

Fountain of Life Church is a Nigerian based church with mission of believing that all men are created worthy, The Fountain of Life Church is a place for people committed to making a difference; a home for the lost, and those in search of direction, purpose and calling

We are committed to raising leaders by building and equipping the saints to operate confidently in biblical principles. This way they are able to excel in all aspects of life and influence their own worlds positively.

Youths at the programme, participants were encouraged and told to note that youths are the leaders and they should start living their life in a positive way.