260-x-185-youthrevolutionaryparty-wordpress-comYouth are the pillars of a nation; they are the foundation builder to peace and tranquility. When they are engage and empower they become a change agent to economical, political, social development and add value to the host community.

CVL (Centre for Values in Leadership) is a not-for-profit organization. Their focus is to equip generations of young people with values and leadership skills, which will make them become effective, values-driven leaders that will serve as catalysts for improvement of the quality of life in our society, to bridge the gap between knowledge and results in our society by empowering young people with leadership skills and values to enable them make lasting contributions in our society in the areas of entrepreneurship, business, civil society, community development and public life.

For about a dozen years they have been working towards creating an environment for the enhancement of life of young people. The sense of a great duty and a big burden to improve the quality of life of these young people led to the setting up of a Centre for Values in leadership about a dozen years ago.

The idea is to provide them tools that will improve their quality of life and drastically transform them, such that they become walking blessings to others.  In the bid to realize this, they have created values-transmission and leadership development programmes targeted at young people which they deliver from their centre in Lagos. CVL is a global centre of excellence for leadership development.

The Centre been a non-profit organisation complementing individual, corporate and Nigeria government’s agencies in youths’ empowerment, has begun the second edition of the programme aimed at resolving the nation’s unemployment challenge in Delta State, Nigeria with an investment of N480 million.

Prof. Pat Utomi, the renowned Economist, Chief Executive Officer of Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL), disclosed this at a press briefing in Lagos, that the second phase of the project is aims to engage and train over 400 young Nigerians youths in entrepreneurial and micro enterprises against the first phase where only 100 youths were trained in Lagos State. Also, Mr. Uchenna Achunine, the Chief Operating Officer of Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL), stated that apart from the difference in number, the budget for the second phase stands at N480 million as against the first which was N30 million because starter packs and start grants have been increased. Also, noted that there is another one also aimed at training over a hundred of unemployed graduates on self-mastering, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, among others to make them employable.

He identified lack of right ideas rather than funds as the biggest challenge in starting up businesses, saying: “That is why we are addressing this by adding value to the trained youths through the programme.” He states, in addressing the issue of funds, participants were as well trained to develop bankable business plans to access single-digit interest rates on loans of several initiatives by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Bank of Industry (BoI) who are the project’s major partners in youth empowerment and entrepreneurship programs.