A man holds a brick near the hostels in the Jeppestown area of Johannesburg where clashes broke out / Mujahid Safodien /AFP

Xenophobic is an irrational hatred against alien and strangers in one’s own country. It is a fear that moves like a wave in the mind of the local perpetrators having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

This unreasonable act of fear, hatred against foreigner is been perpetrated by the local South Africans against foreigners particularly Nigerians. The xenophobic arrant Idle South Africans are cowed to believe that foreigners are blight on their country that must be dealt with for them to enjoy and pertain the present political and economic Eldorado brought by this same foreigner through investment and after turning the country to what it is now their host country becomes their xenophobic chasers.

Nigerians who are being assaulted and intimidated are judiciously and judiciary contributing to the economy of xenophobic perpetrators in South Africa. It is these businesses and the lives of Nigerians that often come under attacks. Nigeria contributed 80 per cent of the freedom the South Africans are enjoying today because we saved them from the jaws of apartheid. Nigerians invested heavily in South African economy and empowered their people during and after the South African Apartheid of 1948 – 1994. The financial investment of Nigerian and Nigeria government were used to secure South Africans freedom from the apartheid stranglehold

The South Africans are easily forgetting history by the barbaric attacked on their freedom fighter when they were in bondage. Nigerians have not asked to be allowed to enjoy the benefits of staying in South Africa without bringing their own contributions to the development of the society. Nigerians in South Africa they justifiably expected to be treated well and pampered because their government and its citizens have been good hosts to South Africans and other foreigners who are doing businesses in Nigeria.

We all know that the failure of South African government to curb this shenanigan from their citizens could lead to the fall of the South African business empire in Nigeria such as MTN, DSTV etc. The hostile nature of the xenophobic perpetrators in country was sired by the failure of their government to provide the basic facility for its citizen. They have all failed to do what is right to every human being and the South African government should find ways to profitably engage and empower its citizens. But apparently, this perpetrator seems to be enjoying the support of their government. This explains why when these xenophobic attacks occur, the government do not come to the rescue of foreigners. Apparently, the government sees these attacks as a fulfillment of their wish that foreigners be subjected to such brutalities. This is because the South African police have on several occasions’ brutalized foreigners particularly Nigerians to death.

The xenophobic perpetrators who do not know how to use their strength to foster economic Eldorado and hold their government responsible to cater for their yearnings during and after the post-apartheid freedom over two decades after blacks took the reins of governance should be humble enough to ask enterprising and forthright foreigners particularly Nigerians to re-orientates and propel them to be successful in their own land. South Africans should not blame Nigerians if their lack of jobs makes the latter to take over their competitive jobs instead of being xenophobic, angers and battered by the allegations of foreigners being prostitutes, drug peddlers, jobs snatchers.

One of the South Africa- based Nigerian victim of the xenophobic attached shared his story, Mr Abayomi Oyetoro, said on Thursday that his two children were still in critical condition in a hospital after Saturday’s xenophobic attacks in that country. He told newsmen on telephone from Pretoria, South Africa, that he threw his children, aged six and nine years, over a neighbour`s fence when a mob attacked his house. That when xenophobic perpetrators came to his house in Pretoria West, that he threw his three children across a neighbour’s fence to save their lives. That one of the youngest hit his skull on the ground while his daughter also got badly injured. That his children are still in critical condition and we are praying to God to save their lives. “Honestly, I do not know the motive of the attack. My house was burnt; everything was destroyed, including my car and international passport. “We are just managing to survive by God`s grace,’’ He said Nigerians and other foreigners were now living in fear over reports of a planned attack on Friday. He appealed to the Federal Government to come to their aid following the complete loss suffered in the attacks.

Nigerian youths gives South Africans companies in Nigeria, MTN, DSTV, two days to leave Nigeria

National Association of Nigerians Students (NANS) is a national body that regulates the activities of students activities in all universities in the country, their membership youths ranges from 16 to 30 years of age.

They carried placards and a banner, with inscription, “National Association of Nigerians Students (NANS) Against Xenophobic Attacks on Nigerians.’’

Mr. Kadiri Aruna, The President of NANS, said in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria at the office of DSTV, a South African company, in Abuja the capital of Nigeria that Nigerian students had resolved to condemn the attacks.

“We are saying that enough is enough as South Africans have openly attacked and bullied Nigerians.’’

He said that after 48 hours, if nothing was done, messages would be sent to students in all university campuses to bring down MTN masts all over the country.

He said that DSTV and Shoprite would also be affected as the union had put adequate strategies in place to make the action effective.

“All the South African business empires in Nigeria and their collaborators in Nigeria will be affected,” he said.

“I don’t want to say we will be barbaric but we will not be lawful in our actions, we will do it and face the consequences, enough of this rubbish.”

The Nigeria governments summons the South African Ambassador

Lulu Louis Mnguni, the South African High Commission to Nigeria, has said that the victims of xenophobic attacks in his country are not being compensated because the perpetrators “were not acting on instructions.”

The envoy, who stated this on Thursday when he was summoned by the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja, said the attackers were criminals and of course have to be arrested.

When reminded of the agreement of the Nigerian-South African Bi-National Commission to compensate the victims of attacks, he said “Well I was not part of that; but I will follow up on that.”

He, however, said the South African government does not condone killings or looting carried out either by the police or individuals, noting that no amount of frustration justifies the attacks.

He said a number of arrests had been made and assured that investigation would be carried out and perpetrators be brought to justice.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hajia Khadijah Abba Ibrahim, urged the South African government to take measures to protect lives and properties of foreign nationals in the country

It is our humbly view that If there were some foreigners involve in crime, prostitution, drug dealings and they violate the law of the land, they should be properly arrested and prosecuted by the appropriate authority. But we should be alert to the possibility that these recurring xenophobic attacks are being provoked by South Africans’ envy of the success of foreigners.

The South African government failed to decisively deal with the attacks on foreigners. Thus, there is the need for the Nigerian government to collaborate with its South African counterpart at the highest level to arrive at a strategy to avert a recurrence of these attacks.